“Tanks” to all of our new (and old!) RV friends for a fantastic year

With 2018 winding down, we thought we’d take a few moments to count up the numbers, draw some conclusions about 2018, and think ahead to 2019. Ready? Here we go!

Sixteen RV rallies
In 2018, Kleen Tank attended 16 RV manufacturer or owners club rallies, in four states (California, Indiana, Iowa, and Oklahoma). This was an all-time high for us and we enjoyed every single rally we attended (except for Jayco, which we had to leave as one of our Collies, Trey, was not doing well — we ended up putting him down a few days later when we learned he had late-stage cancer).

191 RVs serviced
Another record for us. From luxury motor coaches to gigantic fifth wheels (one with two black tanks and three gray tanks!) to travel trailers and more, we serviced more RVs in 2018 than in any year previously. We’ve got plenty of stories to tell — some really interesting, some really gross, and some, well, it was an adventure!

586 tanks cleaned
That includes black tanks, gray tanks, and hot water heater tanks. That’s a lot of tanks, folks, and we are well on our way to 2,000 tanks cleaned during the six years our company has been in existence. Needless to say, we’ve seen it all!

426 seminar attendees
Every rally we attended had at least one seminar. We typically put on two — one on holding tank maintenance and the other on water heaters — but we also have a “combo” one that covers both topics pretty evenly. If you haven’t taken a look at the questions (and answers!) from our 2018 rally seminars, we have them here: Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.

633 Facebook fans
Yep, we took a giant leap forward in fans of our Facebook Page (Facebook.com/KleenTank). If you’re not a fan, go ahead and become one. We publish new posts there every day — and they’re not just about poop!

What’s coming in 2019?
Well, we currently have 13 RV rallies scheduled, so we’re being a bit more selective on where we’ll be. We thought we’d be closer to our home base this year, but it looks like Grand Design is calling our name in Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, and Missouri, and we’re doing two new rallies (in a row) down in Louisiana. Wonder if we’ll be at one of your rallies? Check out our Rally Calendar web page. Be sure to sign-up for service ahead of time and SAVE $25 off our rally pricing!

At some of our rallies, we are hosting social events like Pajama Party Breakfasts and Tiki Bar Happy Hours. It’s our way to try to make friends of fellow RVers too! Come join us.

At our seminars, we’ll be featuring a brand new, see-through, plastic holding tank that will show they work, explain where and how sensors are at, and be a better hands-on tool for answering your questions. We’ve got more “show and tell” items to pass around and some special surprises. Don’t forget that every seminar has a drawing for a free VISA gift card.

Our vendor hall booth will still have a lot of great items for sale, including Water Heater Flush Wands, the Valterra Flush King backflush valve, 9.5″ and 4.5″ water heater anodes, Sewer Saddle Bags, and our very popular Save-a-Drop water meters (we sold out of everyone we had at our rallies!).

We’re looking forward to 2019. Traveling, servicing RVers, and meeting new (and old) friends. See you out there and safe travels.