For eight years, Kleen Tank has been servicing all makes, models, and years of RVs — all over the country. From custom motorcoaches to giant fifth wheels to vacation travel trailers to weekend rigs, we’ve worked on everything – and experienced it all! Here’s what our customers have told us:

“Great service and advice! Excellent – as always!”

“Very friendly and helpful. Did a great job!”

“Jim was great! A real pro and did a super job. We were very happy. All sensors now work and the odors are gone.”

“Professional, prompt, and 100% satisfied with the service. Our second use of the company and we will contact you again next year.”

“Glad to have all the tanks cleaned, especially the hot water heater’s. We appreciated being taught how to do that ourselves too.”

“Outstanding customer service!”

“Kleen Tank’s cleaning process solved our problems and probably prevented many others. Very satisfied.”

“We learned so much and are excited that our tank sensors are actually reading correctly!”

“I had no idea that I was doing things with my RVs waste system wrong! Kleen Tank explained it all in easy terms and gave great advice.”

“Jim showed up early for our appointment and did a great job. We’ll use him again, for sure.”

“Very friendly and on-time for the appointment. We had no idea how bad our tanks were before the service. Now…so much better!”

“For the first time — ever! — our black tank sensor shows ’empty!'”

“It was the most informative and entertaining seminar we’ve ever attended in 10 years of rallies. The service was very professional and thorough.”

“Eliminated the confusion and provide simplicity for this RVer’s least favorite task. A real professional.”

“Nice people, easy to work with, and they did a great job. We’re very happy to get our tanks clean!”

“Kleen Tank took care of our issues and gave great tips for maintenance. We will definitely use this service again.”

“It’s always a pleasure to be your customer. You’re always so thorough and professional. See you next year!”

“Kleen Tank took the time to explain the process and kept us informed the whole time. A great job!”

“Very knowledgable and easy to talk to. I recommend this company 100%!”

“Great customer service and value for the money. We get our RV’s holding tanks cleaned every year by Kleen Tank.”

“Excellent job and service. Many times repeat service customers and we couldn’t be happier.”

“Kleen Tank was a lifesaver in unclogging my tank.”

“Excellent job, as always. Thanks!”

“Jim’s our Number One Man in the number two business!”

“After five years of full-timing in our RV, the sensors are back to 0%. Wow! Great service.”

“The technician was prompt, knowledgeable, answered all of our questions, and explained the entire process.”

“Thanks for the great rating on our RV’s holding tank’s health. We appreciate your service and the honest answers and advice you gave us.”

“Jim was very knowledgeable and personable. It was great to meet him and his service was fantastic!”

“We appreciated your knowledge and professionalism. We’re definitely using your ”secret solution” and getting rid of our old tank solution. Thank you!”

“Great job and a vital service necessary to the health of all holding tanks. The gunk that came out of the tanks was amazing!”

“We were very pleased at the result and the technician did an excellent job.”

“They were prompt, professional and easy to talk to. I asked a ton of questions – all answered!”

“Great job! We needed the service badly and they solved our sensor and odor problems. Can’t recommend Kleen Tank enough!”