Didn’t come to one of the RV manufacturer or owners group rallies we had a seminar at last year? No worries. We’ll get you up to speed with answers to all of your questions!

Miss Part One or Part Three in our series of rally seminar question and answer articles? You may want to take a look at those blog entries too! Here are five more questions we commonly get asked.

Q. How do I clean my gray water tank sensors?
A. It seems gray tank sensors work about as well as black tank sensors! The reasons they don’t work are pretty similar: There’s a build-up for waste or other matter on the sensors in the tank, preventing accurate readings. Our special tank solution — a simple mixture of Calgon, Pine-Sol, and water — will work in your gray tanks too, helping to keep them clean and, in most cases, keeping working sensors reading accurately.

Q. How do you keep a black tank from smelling?
A. Black (and gray, for that matter) tanks smell because they contain human and other type of waste in them. The most you can do is mask the smell. Even adding enzymes, bacteria, or harsh chemicals that break down waste only make that same smelly mess just a tank-load of sticky, smelly waste. Our special tank solution contains Pine-Sol, a good disinfectant AND a great odor masking ingredient. Give it a try.

Q. How do I unclog my RV’s toilet?
A. That’s a messy situation, to say the least. Many RV owners will use an RV toilet cleaning wand, a long (24″ to 30″) tube of plastic that connect to a garden hose and has holes in the end to spray water down the toilet and into the holding tank. While this may work in some cases, many RV toilets have a bend in the waste pipe or longer drop into the tank. Plus, using these flush wands could introduce human waste into the interior of your RV. Yuck!

Kleen Tank has special equipment to clear mounds, clogs, and other obstructions. You may want to contact us for this special situation — a complete tank cleaning is also part of our process to clear the problem.

Q. What can I use to clean my RV toilet?
A. We presume the question is about the surfaces of the toilet, specifically the bowl. While you should never introduce bleach or other harsh cleaning chemicals into your waste system (they can break down soft rubber seals over time), there is a good way to keep your toilet clean.

First, be sure you are using enough water in the bowl. Follow each bowlful of waste with a bowlful of water. And we like to add another half bowl of water to the toilet to act as a seal against smells coming up from the holding tank.

Second, our special hold tank solution has Calgon in it which will keep all the surfaces of your RV’s waste system slippery. Yep, even the toilet bowl.

Finally, you can use a cleaning wipe to quickly clean the toilet bowl. Use gloves, of course, and never flush down the wipe into the holding tank — just throw it away.

Q. Can I dump my gray water directly onto the ground?
A. We know people who have done this in extreme circumstances (like book docking or when their gray water tank filled up before a honey wagon could come or they could visit a dump station). In general, it’s not a good idea and may even be prevented by state or local laws. Plan ahead to eliminate the need to have to do this. Use the RV park’s facilities and shower, wash dishes in a bucket and dump it down a dump station drain, or try to use bathroom facilities when you are in town.

We’ve got more questions from rally seminars to share with you in the coming weeks. Come back to read more and be a smart RVer!