You may be familiar with our RV tank cleaning service. If you’re an RV owner, it’s likely we’ve cleaned your tanks — or those of a fellow RVer that you know!


Our cleaning process uses high-pressure (1500 PSI) water to literally scrub every internal surface of an RV’s holding tanks and plumbing. The pressure we use does not damage tanks or any other component of the RV.


Other RV tank cleaners — especially those using common, store-bought pressure washers or truck-mounted pressure pumps — can use so much pressure that they run the risk of severely damaging or even destroying your tanks or other elements on your RV.

When you’re looking into the right tank cleaning company, here are some questions to ask:

How long have you been in business?
You want a cleaning service provider that has the experience, training, and backing of a national brand. If your choice is the guy who watched a couple of YouTube videos and bought a pressure washer from Lowe’s last week, you’re probably looking at some upcoming headaches — and even trouble.

Kleen Tank has been in existence for 12 years, cleaning tens of thousands of RV tanks. Most of our dealers are on their second or third (or more!) year of service and are seen as experts in the field. In fact, our dealers “fix” more problems caused by the guy with a pressure washer than any other tank cleaning service.

How much training did you receive?
Watching a few YouTube videos and deciding the tank cleaning business “looked easy” is probably not a big vote of confidence. Likewise, that RV tech that can also fix your air conditioner, install that leveling system, and replace your tire sensors probably doesn’t have a lot of training — or experience — with the particulars of your holding tank and waste handling system.

Kleen Tank Authorized Dealers go through a one-week, hands-on, in-depth training session, working at a fast and intense pace on a variety of different RVs. Additionally, each new dealer has a mentor who works with them throughout their career, has access to nearly 50 other dealers for questions and to help out in tough situations, goes through re-training each year, and enjoys the more intense, ongoing support system in the industry. When your Kleen Tank is servicing your RV, 49 other dealers are looking over his/her shoulder, giving advice.

What experience do you have with RVs like mine?
With most new RV tank cleaners, your RV is going to be the first time they’ve worked on that make or model. And since they’re so new, they probably aren’t performing a lot of services.

Kleen Tank Authorized Dealers work on 20 to 30 RVs — of various makes and models — during their one-week training session. Plus, we’re always providing them with leads so they’re busy from the start. It’s highly likely that your RV is one they are intimately familiar with.

Our dealers clean an average of 250 to 300 RVs a year, though some do much more. From large, live-in Class A motor homes to long-term fifth wheels to weekend pull-behinds, Kleen Tank dealers are familiar with every possible RV currently — and previously — manufacturered.


While you may have more than one RV tank cleaning service to choose from when you need your RV’s tanks cleaned, it’s important that you understand how Kleen Tank is different.

Thorough. Our process is unique in that it is the most thorough and extensive in the RV service industry. The typical service call is about two hours, but we stay until the job is done to the satisfaction of our customers.

Troubleshooting. Our dealers undergo the most intense and thorough training in the industry. They’re able to tackle any problem and have the most complete kit of equipment to handle 99% of all situations.

Advice. Unlike every other RV tank cleaning company, Kleen Tank dealers can draw from the advice and assistance of an entire network of nearly 50 experienced dealers — including the expert in the industry, founder Jim Tome, who has personally serviced tens of thousands of RVs over a career of 12 years and has seen just about every problem ever encountered.


Kleen Tank is the RV service provider chosen by more RVers than any other company to care for their RV’s holding tanks and waste handling system. Here’s why:

Results. Our hydrojetting technology eliminates odors, clears clogs and obstructions, and can get misreading sensors working in almost every case. Our service process is more thorough than any competitor’s.

Professional. Every Kleen Tank authorized dealer has undergone a one week, hands-on training session with one of our most experienced dealers. That’s longer and more intense than any other tank cleaning program.

Satisfaction. Over and over again, our customers tell us how Kleen Tank “came to their rescue” with not only routine cleanings, but also emergency and aggravating conditions such as tank and toilet clogs, extreme odors, and severe drainage problems.

Education. We don’t just clean our customer’s tanks and leave; we listen to their problems and find out how they use and enjoy their RVs, and then give them recommendations, advice, and answer every question.

Customer Service. We’re with our customers for the long haul. Whether it’s a question, follow-up visit for another problem, or helping them to work with a Kleen Tank dealer in their area, all of our authorized dealers keep a connection to our customers.


You may think that you have a lot of options in choosing the right RV holding tank cleaning service. Certainly, there are more companies out there than in the past. We think the clear choice is Kleen Tank. We hope you do too.

Jim Tome, Owner

Jim Tome, Owner

Hi, I'm Jim Tome and, along with my wife, Debbie, the owners of Kleen Tank LLC, the national leader in RV holding tank cleaning service. We've been RVers like you since 2004 and have traveled all over the U.S. in our Airstream travel trailer. We started the business about twelve years ago and have cleaned tens of thousands holding tanks in thousands of RVs. From tiny weekend travel trailers to monstrous fifth wheels to luxurious motorhomes, I've seen just about every situation there is with RV holding tanks and waste systems. I hope you enjoy our articles; I try to post at least one per week and we've got a great library of them to cover just about every problem. Enjoy!


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