Many RVers wonder exactly how we clean their holding tanks. Is it specialized equipment, a certain technique, or experience that guides us? Let’s take a look (and maybe discuss a couple of more aspects of Kleen Tank’s exclusive service).


Simply put, Kleen Tank uses high pressure water to literally scrub out every surface of your RV’s waste holding tanks. Using specially-designed equipment, taught techniques, an exclusive, multi-step process, and experience gained through repeated cleanings, your RV’s tanks become “factory Kleen,” or as clean as they came from the factory after manufacturing (this is something our dealers will show you at the conclusion of the service).


Not at all. These days, we have more and more competitors, many of which have simply watched a couple of YouTube videos and ran off to the hardware store to get a household pressure washer. That’s the extent of their preparation, training, and capability. And that’s too bad. For you.

Our dealer’s “kit” consists of equipment and supplies provided after analyzing thousands of tank cleanings over a five year period. Every situation, every problem, every question asked during those years was analyzed so that our dealers have the most complete and comprehensive set of equipment in the industry to tackle 99% of any job they encounter.

While our Authorized Kleen Tank Dealers have the most comprehensive collection of equipment and supplies in the RV tank cleaning industry, this is not the only way we prepare them for whatever they come upon during a routine tank cleaning — or emergency or urgent need.


Every Kleen Tank dealer undergoes a one-week, hands-on and intense training session with one of our qualified trainers. This training session encompasses not just how to clean a tank, but reviews RV tank architecture and construction, training on how to address and answer customer questions and concerns, techniques for gaining access and cleaning a wide variety of RV types, problem-solving, emergency situation resolution, customer service tacts, working with RV rally groups and clubs, and other business-related strategies to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their Kleen Tank experience.

No other competitor undergoes such an intense training session. In fact, we tell each new dealer that training will be like “drinking from a firehouse.” The amount of information presented is massive and the pace of training is intense. While it may seem to be an overwhelming way of training, repetition and review are a constant part of the session and the dealer walks away from training confident in their capabilities.


Most of our dealers have business already lined up for them once they have finished their training. Whether it’s waiting customers, RV parks that have reached out to us, or RV rallymasters and organizers whose rally attendees want Kleen Tank dealers at their events, our dealers are busy from the beginning.

Most of our dealers perform anywhere from 200 to 250 cleanings in their first year as a Kleen Tank Authorized Dealer. There’s no call or need we turn away and with every cleaning, the dealer is using techniques, education, and advice given to them during their training session.

In fact, Kleen Tank dealers clean more RV holding tanks every day, every week, and every month than any of our competition.


We’ve talked about the equipment and how comprehensive our dealers’ “kits” are. We’ve spoken about the intense, hands-on training. And we’ve presented how Kleen Tank dealers are the most experienced of any tank cleaning service in the industry. What else is there?

Access to our dealer network. Unlike ALL of our competition, your Kleen Tank isn’t acting alone. Our Kleen Tank dealer Network consists of every Kleen Tank dealer in our network and is a resource for your dealer to rely on for advice, answers to questions, new ideas on how to perform service, troubleshooting and more. When Kleen Tank cleans your RV’s waste tanks, it’s not just one person doing it, but almost 50 more dealers looking over their shoulder and helping out.

Mentoring. Every Kleen Tank dealer is assigned mentor and is constantly in communication with Kleen Tank “corporate” as well as other dealers on a weekly basis. We’re always checking in and seeing how we can help, finding out what new situations they ran into, and reviewing tough jobs and problems.

Retraining. Our Kleen Tank dealers experience frequent retraining through special sessions, in-person visits by trainers, being invited to help out at RV rallies, and through special access to online resources and discussion areas where new techniques are taught, past processes are reviewed and reinforced, and new problems are discussed and solved.

Partnerships. Kleen Tank has entered into multiple partnerships with RV clubs and organizations as well as some manufacturers (and more on the way!). There’s a reason why so many RV organizations have chosen to partner and promote Kleen Tank, something no other competitor can claim.

Reputation. Finally, the reputation of Kleen Tank is impeccable. No other RV tank cleaning company has as many reviews — and 5-star or highest-rated — than Kleen Tank. We’ve built our reputation over twelve years and are obsessive about maintaining it. If you’re not satisfied with the performance or presentation of one of our Kleen Tank dealers, we want to hear about it (and WILL fix it).


No. In fact, as we see more and more competition rise, we realize you have choices when you want your RV’s tanks cleaned. But we hope that you realize that your Kleen Tank dealer is the most prepared, qualified, educated, and — most importantly — supported service provider in the industry. If you’re ready to get your RV’s tanks cleaned, you can reach out to any of our 50 (and growing!) dealers throughout North America.

Jim Tome, Owner

Jim Tome, Owner

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