You’ve been waiting patiently (thank you!) for the launch of Kleen Tank’s online RVer store. Here, you can find our recommended Calgon Bath Pearls, an important component of our RV tank solution, as well as a complete kit to make your own tank solution (includes a sturdy jug and all the components of our tank solution!).

We currently have roughly 4,000 tubs of Calgon Bath Pearls in stock and receive new shipments each month (so we’ll never run out!). And we ship most orders the next day, so you’ll soon have what you need to keep your RV’s waste holding tanks clean and functioning perfectly (remember: water, water, water!).

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email or give us a call at 844-KLEENME. Thanks!



Calgon Bath Pearls, available exclusively from Kleen Tank


How many pairs of Calgon tubs would you like at $18.00 per pair of tubs?
Recommended by Kleen Tank for use in our tank solution recipe. Comes in a box of two 16-ounce tubs. Includes Kleen Tank's recipe on a convenient fridge magnet. Each tub will make two gallons of our tank solution (so these two would make four gallons total).
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Kleen Tank's complete tank solution mixing kit. Make a gallon of our RV tank solution. Everything you need!


How many Make-Your-Own RV Tank Solution Kits would you like at $65.00 per kit?
Everything you need to make your own RV waste holding tank solution. Kit includes a one-gallon, hjigh-density plastic jug with improved leak-proof cap, two 40-ounce bottles of Pine-Sol, one 16-ounce tub of Calgon Bath Pearls, and a rubber, collapsable funnel. This kit will make two (2) gallons of tank solution, plenty to keep your "kleen" tanks performing properly for quite a while. Includes easy-to-read and use instructions (on the bottle) as well as a magnetic fridge magnet with our tank solution recipe.
Shipping cost: $0.00
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Purchase Calgon Bath Pearls online at Kleen Tank's Store. Used in our RV tank solution, this is the stuff we recommend!