If you think Kleen Tank simply cleans your RV’s holding tanks, you’re half right. As the nation’s leading holding tank cleaning service, our network of independent, authorized dealers is called on every day to solve the tank and waste system problems of RVers all over the U.S. but cleaning holding tanks is only part of what we do.

Black & gray tank cleaning
Yes, our primary service is to clean your RV’s black and gray holding tanks through our exclusive hydrojetting system. Using 1500 PSI water (that does not harm your RV’s tanks or plumbing system), we literally scrub the interior of your RV’s holding tanks clean, getting them as “kleen” as they were when the RV left the factory. This process takes about two hours, depending on the number of tanks and the severity of any problems found. 

Once we’ve cleaned your holding tanks, we use a series of rinses to bring out whatever the special cleaning nozzles have not removed. We may even do a detergent cleaning during the rinsing process if your tanks were found to be especially dirty during the cleaning process or if our dealer believes the overall condition and performance of your tank warrants this extra step. In the end, your tanks are “factory kleen,” odor-free, draining better and more completely, and any clogs or debris are removed and flushed away.

Toilet, tank & plumbing clogs
Because our Kleen Tank dealers are so intimately familiar with how your RV’s tanks and waste systems work, we’re uniquely qualified to help you in the worst situations — when there’s a clog or other problem. Using special processes and equipment, we can get your RV’s toilet or tanks back in working condition quickly, efficiently, and with little to no mess inside your RV. A conventional plumber is often stymied with how to work on an RV’s plumbing system — not us!

Water heater tank flushing
While technically not a holding tank, most of our independent, authorized dealers offer a flushing and cleaning of your conventional (not on-demand, such as Oasis, AquaHot, Alde, etc.) water heater tank. Often done during the holding tank cleaning service, this is an excellent way to ensure your RV’s hot water system is receiving the important, timely maintenance it demands.

Freshwater tank sanitation
Your RV’s waste holding tanks are the only ones needing periodic cleaning. Kleen Tank can also perform a sanitizing service for your RV’s freshwater holding tank. Over a two-day period, we will clean and sanitize your freshwater tank using either a bleach or vinegar solution (for those sensitive to bleach). We even teach you how to do it yourself!

At the end of your RVing season, preparing your RV for storage in cold climates is critically important. Our Kleen Tank authorized dealers can help you by performing a winterization service on your holding tanks, waste system, and interior plumbing pipes and fixtures. And when you’re ready to resume RVing in the spring, contact your Kleen Tank dealer to reverse the process and get you on your way!

And what’s the other half of what we do?
Oh, yes…the rest of our service. The great thing about Kleen Tank is that we’re not only there to get your holding tanks, water heater tank, freshwater tank, and waste and plumbing system clean and working, but we teach you what you need to know in order to keep them that way.

Do you have a question that we can answer about your RV’s holding tanks or waste system? Are you ready to make an appointment? Perhaps you’d like to find a Kleen Tank dealer in your area. Whatever you need, Kleen Tank is here for you!



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