Kleen Tank, the nation’s leading RV holding tank professional cleaning service, is building a nationwide network of authorized dealers to serve the fast-growing RV industry. With a 2020 growth rate of more than 25% in the U.S., RVing has become a huge pastime and lifestyle for RVers of all ages, incomes, and experience levels. In fact, more RVers are first-time owners scrambling to learn about their RV’s systems, how to maintain them, and how professional service providers can help them to protect their RV investment.

If you’re looking for a great income opportunity, being a Kleen Tank Authorized Dealer is the perfect choice for you! Our turn-key program has a low-cost buy-in, makes you money soon after you’ve completed your training, and is fully supported by the number one RV tank cleaning service in the U.S.!

Our New Dealer Kit includes:

  • A line-item comparison between becoming a Kleen Tank authorized dealer vs. other national providers, as well as vs. trying to start a tank cleaning business on your own
  • An outline of our comprehensive training schedule that goes over starting up your own company, instructive and technical aspects of the cleaning process, and how to build and grow your business
  • A cost-recovery analysis that shows you how fast you’ll make back your initial investment and how soon you’ll be generating cash in your pocket
  • An outline of our marketing support program and how we actually bring leads to you
  • National press releases and our marketing plan showing our commitment to building and growing the Kleen Tank Authorized Dealer Network

Just fill out the form below and we’ll mail out or email out our New Dealer Kit directly to you for your consideration.