We spend A LOT of time marketing Kleen Tank to past, current and prospective customers. Our “normal” 9 to 5 job (who still works those hours, BTW?!) is in marketing, so it makes sense for us to take what we know and use that to our advantage with Kleen Tank. In fact, if you start doing searches online, you’ll find we have all sorts of secondary websites, are extremely active on social media, and have profiles and presences all over the place. We want customers to be able to find us and take advantage of our services!

The other day, we were going over some recent changes Facebook has made to company profile Pages. Wow, were there some things that were different! So, we got busy re-completing our profile and adding in more information about Kleen Tank onto our Facebook page (Facebook.com/KleenTank — pay us a visit and Like our daily posts on all kinds of interesting RV-related topics). One new section was a whole page titled, About Us. So it got us thinking about our start in the industry and what we actually do. We thought you might like to know more about us:

We’re a part of the All Pro Water Flow family of dealers, a company that specializes in providing the RV industry’s only chemical-free, no-mess, on-site and completely mobile RV holding tank cleaning service. We come to your RV park site, perform our flushing and cleaning services right there as you watch, answering your questions the entire time and teaching you how to properly care for your RV’s waste system.
We started Kleen Tank about five years ago when we had All Pro Water Flow’s founder and president, Preston Hall, clean our own RV’s holding tanks. After about 10 years of doing nothing more than normal dumping and an occasional flushing with our RV’s onboard black tank flush system (like yours!), we were amazed (okay, maybe disgusted? embarrassed? saddened?) by what came out. How incredibly dirty BOTH of our holding tanks were. No wonder draining them took so long. No wonder why they filled up so quickly. No wonder why our sensors didn’t work. And the smell. Oh my.
But Preston taught us — like we do with every one of our customers — why our holding tanks were as bad as they were. We were never really told how to clean and care for them properly. Certainly, our RV dealer never took the time to go over this critical system in our RV. And all we ever heard was “just dump some more chemicals or enzymes in and let them do their job.” Boy were those people wrong! Those chemicals and enzymes only contributed to the problem, converting everything into a pancake batter-like mush, coating the holding tank walls and encrusted on the sensors.
So now we are an authorized All Pro Water Flow agents, traveling the Greater Midwest (and elsewhere, as we explore our great country) and providing our holding tank cleaning services for hundreds (if not thousands!) of customers. We hope to add you to our list of happy customers who call us back every year for their annual, professional holding tank cleaning service.
Visit our website at KleenTank.com or call us at (815) 508-3878 for more information or to get a cleaning service quote. If you are in our service area or where we are currently located, we would be happy to pay you a visit and help you out. We offer emergency service as well, so be sure to give us a call if you have a clog, backed up holding tanks or slow-draining system. Thanks and see you out there!