After a bit of a forced (my wife says, “it was your choice”) hiatus, Kleen Tank is back on the road, traveling the country (okay, the Midwest), and meeting new people. Honestly, although RV waste tank cleaning is our “job” — and this sounds totally cliché, I know — but getting out and meeting people from all over the place is one of the best advantages of this job and the opportunities it brings.

After having done tank cleaning for a couple (three?!) years now, we do feel a bit like “experts,” though we are always learning things. And when we perform our cleaning service, we always try to take as much time to educate RV owners about their rig’s waste holding tank systems as we can. We’ve got a little bit of knowledge and we’re happy to share it along the way. That being said, we’ve also learned a whole heck of a lot!

So where are we going in the weeks and months ahead? Well, here’s the “short list” (that’s growing as we start planning the next year):

June 4th-June 17th
Heartland Owners Group National Rally
Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, Indiana
The good folks at the Heartland Owners Club invited us out to be a vendor at their annual rally and we’re glad to oblige, We’ve ratcheted up our marketing game to a whole new level and we’re raring to go!

October 1st-October 6th
THOR Diesel Club International Rally
Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, Indiana
Our second big rally of the year and one we’re really looking forward to!

October 14th – October 21st
RVing Women National Rally
Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds, Goshen, Indiana
Our third and final rally for 2017. By the time this one is done, we should be real experts at camping at the Elkhart County Fairgrounds and know everything about the Elkhart/Goshen area!

Winter 2018
Louisiana, Texas, etc.
Plans are still being finalized, but it looks like we’ll be heading south right after 2018 begins and spending most of the winter (early spring?!) in the deep south. We’ll be searching out local rallies to provide our services too as well as the RV parks and campgrounds around where we’ll be staying.