“Smart?,” you say? Yep. That’s S.M.A.R.T. as in “Special Military Active Recreational Travelers.”

We’ve been invited by the South Central S.M.A.R.T. Chapter to attend their upcoming muster (think: rally) at James E Ward Agri-Center in Lebanon, Tennesee this upcoming April 2018. We hope to meet plenty of great RVers and help them learn how to care for their RV’s holding tanks, give them some tips and a bit of education, and even provide them some cleaning services on their tanks.

By special arrangement with the Chapter’s event coordinators, we have a unique set up at this rally: Rather than traveling to each RV, the RVs will need to come to a specially-set up Dump Station, where we will be doing our service. Service time is just about an hour and while we can only do one RV at a time, the RV “on deck” will get a COMPLEMENTARY water heater flush and clean while they are waiting on the rig ahead of them to be finished.

Since we’re streamlining our process, our normal Rally Price of $250 is being reduced to just $200. And you can SAVE an extra $25 by pre-registering for your cleaning by clicking here and signing up ahead of time (deadline is April 9th, 2018 for each sign up). That makes our full service (one black tank, one gray tank, plus water heater tank) JUST$175. We can clean additional tanks (time allotting) for $50 for a black tank and $25 for each additional gray tank).

Click here to Pre-Register now for your tank cleaning at the upcoming JSouth Central S.M.A.R.T. Chapter April 2018 muster! See you there.