Are you on Pinterest? Of course you are! You love looking at new recipes, dreaming of renovating a retro camper, gathering the newest glamping ideas, and seeing how you can hack your RV for maximum storage, utility, and, well, just some great ideas to make the experience better. Everyone should be “on” Pinterest!

But maybe you’re new to the game. Pinterest, you say? Is that yet another social media “thing?” It isn’t even a real word! Who would want to do anything with this? Well, take a seat, friend, and prepare to have every waking hour of your day consumed by yet one more time waster (not really, but, yeah, kind of….).

Pinterest is a web service (sort of like a website) where people sign-up and create accounts, then start “pinning” posts to virtual bulletin boards, organized by topics. Think of it as a way to organize all of those Delish and Tasty videos you keep seeing (the ones with the camera pointed down at the pan or pot and some mysterious set of hands is throwing perfect amounts of ingredients in, instantly transforming some chopped chicken into high cuisine). Or maybe you keep seeing blog articles that contain ways to upgrade your RV with storage ideas like using magazine holders on their side to store spice jars, PVC hammocks and Command Storage Hook curtains. ‘Have no idea what I am talking about? Oh, Pinterest is for you, my friend.

Take a look at the new Kleen Tank Pinterest “board.” It’s a shareable collection of different online bulletin boards that we are constantly updating with Camping Recipes, Glamping Ideas, and Renovated Retro RV Interiors. Get ready to have the hours of your afternoon whisked away as you sign up for your own Pinterest account and will soon be “pinning” dozens and dozens of recipes and other ideas that you will probably never come back to to try. But it’s all great fun. Enjoyt!