Your holding tank emptying and cleaning process is not enough. Find out why hydrojetting is the only way to get your RV’s holding tanks “factory clean.”

You’re doing everything you’re supposed to: You empty your holding tanks when they are at least 75% full. You’re using plenty of water, especially in your black tank. And you even have a back flush valve, like the Valterra Flush King, that you use whenever you empty your holding tanks.

Still, you’re not 100% sure that your RV’s holding tanks are as clean as they could be. What else can you do?

As RV owners, we pay special attention to critical systems, such as waste holding in our rigs. And for as much as we try, sometimes you need to call a professional to keep things on track. That’s where a service like Kleen Tank comes into play.

As a part of the All Pro Water Flow family of dealers, we are uniquely qualified — equipment, training, and experience — to get your RV’s holding tanks completely clean and functioning perfectly. How do we do this? It’s a process called hydrojetting.

Hydrojetting uses high-pressured water to scout and scrub the interior surfaces of your RV’s holding tanks, pipes, and valves, removing waste, build-up, scale, grease, soaps, and other debris that has built up over time.

As opposed to rodding, where a stiff metal pole, wire, or coil is used to remove an obstruction, hydrojetting achieves a comprehensive cleaning of your RV’s waste system.

How it works
The process of removing buildup involves working with gravity. Your RV’s plumbing system uses gravity to pull wastewater out and into the local RV park’s sewer system. Our hydrojetting tool works from the bottom up. Inserted into the pipe where waste leaves your RV and travels down through the sewer hose to the in-ground pipe, the high-pressure water hose, with the help of a specially-designed jetter head, moves upstream through your RV’s plumbing system, working its way to your holding tank.

As the water scours the pipes and tanks, the debris that is dislodged then moves down, past the high-pressure hose, with gravity, and flushes out through the sewer hose to the RV park’s sewer system.

Getting the job done
The process of hydrojetting works to resolve a number of common plumbing problems in your RV. It successfully removes the debris that accumulates in your RV’s holding tanks due to human waste, toilet paper, hair, soap residue, grease, and more. It addition, it can resolve mineral and scale buildup in the holding tanks and sewer system pipes.

Get professional help
If you’re experiencing problems with your RV’s plumbing system, frustrated by misreading sensors, or tired of slow-draining tanks and odors that never seem to go away, work with an experienced, knowledgeable RV waste specialist. Using diagnostic tools, experience, and the right equipment, we can accurately and effectively clean out debris from your plumbing system and sewer lines. Contact us today to learn more about hydrojetting and how we can get your holding tanks “factory clean.”