We realize that you have plenty of choices when it comes to taking care of your RV investment. From the one-off, “local guy” who figured this was easy money to the jack-of-all-trades, masters-of-none RV techs who just added RV tank cleaning as one more “service” in their bag to the certified RV tank cleaner who paid a couple of hundred dollars for offline training and some YouTube videos, Kleen Tank has a lot of “competitors.” Let’s take a look at your choices and see why Kleen Tank is the clear and obvious choice.

Anyone can clean RV tanks

While there are a lot of people that think that, we would challenge that a company that just started tank cleaning because it looked like some easy money is probably not the right choice for you. Jim Tome, the founder of Kleen Tank, has over a decade of experience in cleaning RV holding tanks and has worked on just about every make and model in existence today. In fact, with over 10,000 RVs serviced and probably close to 30,000 RV tanks, you’re getting the industry’s expert — and our highly-trained and qualified dealers — as your service techs of choice.

If you want to trust your RV investment to someone who ran down to Lowe’s or Home Depot and bought a $300 power washer, no problem. Just know that it takes a lot of skill, experience, and training to deal with potential problems — and do the job right. If you’re not confident in the “local guy’s” ability, how confident are you that he will do the job right, solve your problems, or — worst of all — not make a situation worse with damage to your RV?

Kleen Tank’s decades of knowledge and experience is something you can rely on. Plus, with a growing network of nearly 50 dealers, there’s literally no situation or problem that we — and our networked dealers — haven’t seen and handled successfully. 

But an RV tech is familiar with RVs

As you know, an RV is a complex machine. Even more, it’s your home, if even for a weekend or trip or two each year. Sure, an RV tech might sound like a good idea, but how much experience do they have in cleaning and servicing your RV’s waste system? And RV techs are notorious for high trip charges, diagnostic charges, per hour pricing, and other, expensive last-minute add-ons. And if they’re not exactly sure of the job they’ll be doing, how confident are you either?

RV techs might be a good choice for common mechanical and electrical RV issues like air conditioner repair, problems with your stabilizing systems, or issues with your RV fridge or microwave. But how much experience do they have in the specialized world of RV tank cleaning?

Kleen Tank Authorized Dealers specialize in one thing: Cleaning and servicing RV holding tanks. In fact, our recent partnerships with the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), Tiffin Allegro Owners Club, and Airstream Owners Club — with more soon to be announced — is a testament to the RV industry’s trust in Kleen Tank.

But my tank cleaner seems legit

We’ve heard a lot of recent stories about a “certified” RV tank cleaner offering an offline class training people to clean RV tanks. We know who this person is — they once asked about joining Kleen Tank, but decided to learn on their own (and now teach at a popular RV tech school in Texas). For just a few hundred dollars, they will provide a couple of YouTube videos and a “certification” as a “professional” RV tank cleaner.

Take that for what you will, but we’d never let someone who watched a YouTube video — and then called themselves “professional” — to work on our RV. If that’s what you want, no problem. Kleen Tank is here to fix any problems caused or to resolve the problems that just couldn’t handle (including getting into all of your tanks and getting them “factory kleen.”).

How is a Kleen Tank Authorized Dealer different?

It’s pretty simple. Our dealers specialize in one thing — RV tank cleaning. No matter which dealer you call or have service your RV, you can be confident of their background:

  • Every dealer undergoes a comprehensive, one-week, hands-on training process with a qualified and experienced trainer. Every aspect of RV tank architecture, cleaning processes, problems and resolutions, and customer service is covered — over and over again.
  • Kleen Tank dealers have the most comprehensive kit of equipment and supplies to deal with 99% of the situations they will encounter. They work quickly and efficiently, yet take the time to listen to your concerns and provide solutions and advice.
  • Authorized Kleen Tank Dealers benefit from constant and continuing education, including in-person classes, online sharing sessions, technology and process updates, and much more.
  • The Kleen Tank Dealer Network is a collection of nearly 50 dealers who provide advice, mentoring, troubleshooting to each dealer. That means they aren’t alone on your RV’s service — and any problems encountered are quickly resolved.
  • Kleen Tank’s reputation in the industry is second to none. With partnerships with the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA), Tiffin Allegro Owners Club, and Airstream Owners Club — with more soon to be announced — is a testament to the RV industry’s trust in Kleen Tank.


Who you want working on your RV’s holding tanks is as important as the make, model, and details you investigated when you purchased your RV. Hopefully, it’s clear that Kleen Tank — North America’s leading and largest professional RV tank cleaning service — is the right choice when caring for your RV tank needs.

Jim Tome, Owner

Jim Tome, Owner

Hi, I'm Jim Tome and, along with my wife, Debbie, the owners of Kleen Tank LLC, the national leader in RV holding tank cleaning service. We've been RVers like you since 2004 and have traveled all over the U.S. in our Airstream travel trailer. We started the business about twelve years ago and have cleaned tens of thousands holding tanks in thousands of RVs. From tiny weekend travel trailers to monstrous fifth wheels to luxurious motorhomes, I've seen just about every situation there is with RV holding tanks and waste systems. I hope you enjoy our articles; I try to post at least one per week and we've got a great library of them to cover just about every problem. Enjoy!


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