No matter what kind of RV you have — a small, weekend getaway model or maybe multimillion dollar Class A motor coach you live in full time — it’s an important investment that you want taken care of. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right RV tank cleaning company when the need arises. Here’s some quick things to consider:

Experience. Kleen Tank Authorized Dealers handle more rigs and tanks than any other competitor. Many of our dealers have been in business for years, something we can’t say about most of our competition. Ask how many RVs of your make/model/year/situation the company has worked on.

Training. Kleen Tank’s authorized dealers all undergo an intense, one-week, hands-on training where they work on 15 to 30 RVs of different makes and models. Find out what training your RV tank cleaner underwent. Many only watch a few YoUTube videos before being “certified” (there’s no such thing, by the way).

Problem handling. Kleen Tank dealers are with you all along the way. With nearly 50 dealers to look to your needs, handle any problems that crop up, and for your local dealer to rely on, our network of dealers sees every RV customer as a customer for all of us. What happens when your local guy is busy, takes some time off, or goes out of business?

In the end, the question comes down to this: Who would you rather have clean your RV? Someone who just started a few weeks ago, has worked on only a few RVs, and may not be around in a few months if something happens? Or the nation’s leading, professional RV tank cleaning company, with a network of 50 authorized dealers who undergo intense training and have a network of advisors and mentors to help them out? And if something should go wrong (or maybe you want a repeat cleaning a year later or have a fellow RVer to recommend the service to), who’s going to be there? Kleen Tank is the answer.

Jim Tome, Owner

Jim Tome, Owner

Hi, I'm Jim Tome and, along with my wife, Debbie, the owners of Kleen Tank LLC, the national leader in RV holding tank cleaning service. We've been RVers like you since 2004 and have traveled all over the U.S. in our Airstream travel trailer. We started the business about twelve years ago and have cleaned tens of thousands holding tanks in thousands of RVs. From tiny weekend travel trailers to monstrous fifth wheels to luxurious motorhomes, I've seen just about every situation there is with RV holding tanks and waste systems. I hope you enjoy our articles; I try to post at least one per week and we've got a great library of them to cover just about every problem. Enjoy!


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