Kleen Tank has some big changes in-store for 2021

We started Kleen Tank about seven years ago as a dealer for All Pro Water Flow. While we’ve been very happy to be a dealer during that time, we felt it was the right decision to “go out on our own” and no longer be associated with APWF.

There were a few reasons for the break and, as these things go, unfortunately, it came down to some personalities with the main company owner and a couple of the dealers. It didn’t end as well as we had hoped, but it’s over now.

We still refer customers to APWF dealers in other areas of the country and we encourage any of our customers who aren’t in our service area or at an upcoming RV rally we’ll be attending to reach out to a holding tank cleaning service company when they have a need.

Rallies, rallies, rallies

Every one of our scheduled RV rallies in 2020 was canceled, often months ahead of time. With the COVID-19 pandemic and all, it made perfect sense. We missed seeing and servicing a lot of our regular customers, some we’ve known for years. But 2021 will be different.

Currently, we have 12 RV rallies scheduled, from Arizona and Arkansas in April to a whole bunch next spring, summer, and fall in the Elkhart, Goshen, and Shipshewana, Indiana areas. We’ll be posting up our 2021 Rally Schedule in early January, including links to our sign-up forms so rally attendees can guarantee their cleaning appointments.

A new service facility

Our “local” (within 50 miles of our home locale) business exploded in 2020 as more and more people bought RVs and wanted their tanks cleaned. We had unprecedented numbers of people driving through the area, traveling from afar (one couple, from Kansas City, Kansas!), or just wanting to get a new or used RV cleaned out. We had plenty of repeat business too! There was one question that almost every customer asked. “Can we come to your facility for service?”

We normally perform our cleaning service at a customer’s RV park or resort site. We need electric, water and, most importantly, a sewer hook-up for our service. We even did one cleaning in the back parking lot of an industrial building!

We realized it’s time for us to have a service facility. So in 2021, we will start looking for land in the northern Illinois area to build a full-service, full-time (yes, we get requests even in the winter!) service facility. We’ve been working through some initial concepts and the facility is planned to have four service bays, two outside and two in a heated building. Stay tuned for more details!

Additional services

We get asked all the time to make repairs on RVs. While we’re not certified technicians who can handle all aspects of RV repair, we will be offering some additional services in 2021:

  • Waste tank pull repairs
  • Minor RV hot water heater repairs
  • Fresh water tank sanitation
  • Winterizing/dewinterizing of RV plumbing systems

We may add other services ongoing, but these are certainly some we can handle right now (and often do them when asked).

What else?

There’s one more thing we’re planning, but we’re keeping it under wraps for now. It’s going to be huge! In the meantime, thank you for continuing to rely on Kleen Tank for your RV holding tank needs.

Jim Tome, Owner

Jim Tome, Owner

Hi, I'm Jim Tome and, along with my wife, Debbie, the owners of Kleen Tank LLC, the national leader in RV holding tank cleaning service. We've been RVers like you since 2004 and have traveled all over the U.S. in our Airstream travel trailer. We started the business about twelve years ago and have cleaned tens of thousands holding tanks in thousands of RVs. From tiny weekend travel trailers to monstrous fifth wheels to luxurious motorhomes, I've seen just about every situation there is with RV holding tanks and waste systems. I hope you enjoy our articles; I try to post at least one per week and we've got a great library of them to cover just about every problem. Enjoy!


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