How does hydrojetting work

There’s only one true way to get your RV’s holding tanks “factory clean.” That’s with Kleen Tank’s exclusive hydrojetting technology.

We’re asked all the time: Aren’t my tank sprayers enough? The simple answer is, no.

All modern RVs have an onboard tank spraying system in their black tanks. It consists of a standard garden hose connection, bringing city or RV park water to your RV, a PEX line from there what travels to your hold tank (typically, the top, but sometimes the side) and ends with a nozzle protruding into the holding tank.

In most RV’s the spray system sprays in a fan-shaped pattern, though some systems have a spinning head. The nozzle head is typically metal, meaning that corrosion can become a problem long-term.

But there’s no substitute for the power of hydrojetting that comes from a professional holding tank cleaning.

Does the spray system get my tank clean?

No. It simply acts as a rinsing mechanism. The relative PSI from the nozzle head is between 100 PSI and 150 PSI, mainly from the reduction in the PEX tube and further through the nozzle head. Especially large RVs, like 5th wheels, where a tank (or second tank, like at a rear bathroom) is farther from the water inlet may experience even greater loss of pressure as the water travels to the black tank.

What about my gray tanks?

You’re out of luck there, unless an after-market spray system has been installed. There are some on the market, namely the Camco Tornado Rotary Tank Rinser and Camco Quickie Flush. You would need to have access to the tanks, something that can be difficult depending on the layout and architecture of your RV. It may require removing the belly pan on some RVs.

What is hydrojetting?

Using a heavy-duty, electric commercial water pump, we send a special, flexible wand up your RV’s sewer pipes, past gate valves, and into your tanks. There, water is pumped in at 1,500 PSI through proprietary nozzles. Water at this pressure scrubs the tank surfaces clean and breaking up built-up gunk, residue from enzymes and other tank additives.

Any clogs or mounds of waste (like in hard-to-rinse tank corners or along the front tank bulkhead) that can’t be removed by your tank rinser are easily broken up and ready to be pulled out during the rinsing step of our cleaning process.

It’s what we call hydrojetting and what we at Kleen Tank use to get your RV’s holding tanks “factory kleen.”

Do we use heated water or chemicals?

No, just plain water. We could heat the water, but it travels through the system at such a fantastic flow rate that it would have little effect on anything in your tanks. Likewise, chemicals aren’t needed as nothing is in your tank long enough to be dissolved or affected.

What happens next?

After the cleaning step, we remove the wand and cleaning head, and install a backlash valve between your RV’s sewer pipe fitting and the flexible sewer hose. There are two main types of backflush valves — both accomplish the same task — but we prefer the Valterra Flush King Back Flush Valve as it seems more durable and effective, compared to the Camco version.

What should I do ongoing?

Once you’ve had your tanks professionally cleaned (once a year is recommended — full-timers may need it twice a year), we recommend some simple steps:

  • Empty your holding tanks when they are 90% to 100% full. If they aren’t that full and you need to empty them, add water either through your flush system (for your black tanks) or inside the RV, by opening the water taps in your shower or galley.
  • Turn on your black tank spraying system when emptying your black tanks. That extra turbulence and volume of water will help keep things moving along.
  • Use a backflush valve like the Valterra Flush King once every second or third tank emptying. It will help to keep your tanks clean between professional services. Use it on both black and gray tanks.

If you have questions about your holding tanks, RV waste system, or would like to schedule a hydrojetting cleaning service for your RV’s holding tanks, either locally or at a rally, let us know!

Jim Tome, Owner

Jim Tome, Owner

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