For years, it was the dream of ours to own a classic Airstream. In 2004, shortly after we were married, it came to be and we purchased our first RV, a 2005 Airstream Safari travel trailer, named “Ginger” (after our first Collie dog, a rescue – we’re now on Collie number three!). In April of 2022, we began a new journey as full-time RVers and now travel all over North America in our 2023 Airstream Classic travel trailer. So we’ve been RVers like you for now 20 years!

Many of our customers ask, “How did you get into the RV tank cleaning business?” It’s an odd profession, we admit. It started over 11 years ago when we attended an RV rally, very similar to the many that we go to each year. A service provider was offering tank cleaning service and we thought – like many of our customers first do – “Why not? Let’s give it a try.” Despite sensors that hadn’t worked for years, we thought that we did a pretty good job of keeping our holding tanks clean. As it turned out – like many RVers – we did not!

We started Kleen Tank a year later and it grew from something we did as we traveled and to supplement our income into a full-time company that takes us all over North America every year. We went from a few rallies and a handful of local customers to a dozen or more rallies year, tens of thousands of customers, and the decision to take Kleen Tank to the next level.

Now, we’re building a national network of Kleen Tank-authorized dealers with a special turn-key program that is flexible enough to be just a couple of hours a work a week or a full-time occupation. Our customers have us service their RVs year after year, RV owners groups and clubs ask us to attend their rallies over and over again, and we even work with many RV manufacturers, dealers, and repair companies servicing their owner’s RVs at their factories, repair centers, and sales facilities. In fact, we are the nation’s leading service provider and receive inquiries and requests for service every day from all over the country!

We now have almost 50 Authorized Kleen Tank Dealers throughout the United States and even in Canada. Many other authorized, independent Kleen Tank dealers are coming online in 2024, so be sure to check back with our Dealer Locator page to find a Kleen Tank Dealer near you.

We look forward to serving your tank cleaning needs and answering any questions that you may have. Visit our exclusive Q&A website, AskKleenTank.com, or read up on our latest posts and advice. And if you’re interested in some extra income as your travel or enjoy your RV locally, be sure to ask us for a Kleen Tank Dealer Brochure and Kleen Tank Dealer Kit. These documents explain the many benefits of being a Kleen Tank-Authorized Dealer and even compares our program to other, national providers as well as getting into the business all on your own. We’re happy to discuss the possibilities and opportunities and invite you to join the Kleen Tank family!



There’s no doubt about it: We know about RV holding tanks. And when you keep up to date on RVing topics, your RV works better, has fewer problems, and doesn’t cause you headaches. That’s why we publish a new blog article every week on some educational (or informative!) aspect of RVing (including holding tanks!). And if you’re coming to a rally we’re working at, we hope that you’ll take some time to review our articles and get a little informed. Because our best customer is the one who knows enough to ask questions!

Take a look at our recent educational articles. There’s something for everyone — and not all of the posts are about, well, you know! Enjoy.

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