The Ridge Outdoor Resort in Sevierville, Tennessee



We’re glad to say that we’re coming to the 2024 FMCA Northeast Area Rally at the Herkimer County Fairgrounds in Frankfort, New York. We’ll be offering our exclusive RV holding tank cleaning service, featuring the hydro jet scrubbing pressure of 1500PSI, more than enough to get your tanks “factory kleen!” We’ll also be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding your RV’s tanks and waste handling system.

You can find us at the vendor area, roaming around the RV park performing service, or by calling us at 910-849-7707. We’re always glad to answer questions, give advice, and schedule you for a cleaning at the rally — or even nearby, afterward.

Our normal price is $300, but our rally price is just $250. We are only able to clean tanks during your drive into the rally or your departure (drive-in/drive-out service) at the dump station. This service includes one black and up to two gray tanks (additional tanks can be cleaned for a small upcharge).

Conventional (non-on-demand, such as Aquahot or Oasis) water heater tank cleaning and flushing for $60 and includes a free water anode (if needed) and water heater flush wand (that we’ll instruct you in using).

Our service includes a FREE 32-ounce bottle of our recommended tank solution, report on your waste handling system, and educational session to go over tank maintenance and care, including professional recommendations.

Schedule a cleaning service NOW, to lock in our rally pricing and guarantee yourself a service appointment! Appointments fill up fast while we are at the rally. Don’t wait! Schedule NOW.

Our full tank cleaning service includes your RV’s black tank and up to two gray tanks. Extra waste tanks can be cleaned for a small upcharge. The estimated service time for each RV is 1-1/2 to 2 hours. Each cleaning service includes a FREE 32-ounce sample bottle of our Kleen Tank Waste Tank Solution, the safe alternative to harmful chemicals that can clog up your tanks as they break down waste into sludge.

Purchase Calgon Bath Pearls online at Kleen Tank's Store. Used in our RV tank solution, this is the stuff we recommend!