Tank sensors don’t work? We fix that.

Using our exclusive hydrojetting techology, Kleen Tank, an authorized All Pro Water Flow dealer, gets your RV’s waste holding tanks clean — from the inside — without damaging chemicals, messing up your campsite, or upsetting your neighbors. And we get your RV’s sensors working and accurate again. We even teach you along the way what you can do to keep them working. All without chemicals, gimmicks, or expensive processes.

Whether it’s a clogged RV toilet, a slow draining system, or just annual maintenance on your RV’s waste system, Kleen Tank is fast, economical, and safe for the environment — and your RV. We spend as much time teaching you about your RV’s waste holding tanks and waste system as we do cleaning your tanks. If you’re tired of your RV’s sensors not being accurate, call Kleen Tank today at 815-508-3878 or request a quote today!

Off-season reading.

We’re in the “off-season” for our business as we are wintering up in chilly upper Illinois. That means we’ll be busy over the next couple of months getting ready for rallies, updating our new seminar presentations, and writing lots of blog articles to keep you entertained and educated. Check out newest ones below!

Just how bad is the “stuff” in my tank?

We hear it all the time. "Why in the world do you do what you are doing?" We'll admit, we never dreamed of cleaning RV waste holding tanks when we were kids. Or in school. Or even on the worst day of our "normal" jobs. But how bad is it? We won't lie. Sometimes the...

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Kleen Tank is getting S.M.A.R.T. in 2018

"Smart?," you say? Yep. That's S.M.A.R.T. as in "Special Military Active Recreational Travelers." We've been invited by the South Central S.M.A.R.T. Chapter to attend their upcoming muster (think: rally) at James E Ward Agri-Center in Lebanon, Tennesee this upcoming...

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Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

Are you on Pinterest? Of course you are! You love looking at new recipes, dreaming of renovating a retro camper, gathering the newest glamping ideas, and seeing how you can hack your RV for maximum storage, utility, and, well, just some great ideas to make the...

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Why aren't your RV's tank sensors working properly?

Your RV's sensors aren't accurately reading because your waste holding tanks are dirty, no matter what you do to them. Onboard sprayers aren't taking care of the problem. Enzymes and other chemical tank additives are only making the situation worse. You've probably given up hope on them every working properly again.

Kleen Tank's hydrojetting process is the ONLY way to get your tank sensors working properly -- and accurately!

Learn more about our service and schedule a professional cleaning today.

Don’t get mad.

Misreading black and gray holding tank sensors? Clogged RV toilet? Holding tanks that fill up too quickly? Smells that just won’t go away?

Don’t get mad, get Kleen Tank. We can take care of these problems quickly and almost always without expensive and time-consuming repairs. Our exclusive hydrojetting system does the job your onboard black tank spraying system can’t — getting your holding tanks clean, healthy, and working without problems.

Why not call us today to learn more or make an on-site appointment? Just dial 815-508-3878 anytime. We’re available 24/7/365!

Don’t get frustrated.

You think your tanks are clean, right? You dump them and use that onboard black tank sprayer. You’re using the enzyme or treatment solution the dealer or manufacturer recommended. And there doesn’t seem to be any problems.

But your problems are just around the corner. Sensors not working. Slow draining. Smells. Clogs and mounds.

A lot of RV waste holding tank problems happen because you’re not having an annual, professional cleaning. Just one yearly cleaning service along with regular use of our exclusive cleaning solution will keep your RV’s waste holding system healthy, in working order, and free from trouble.

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