Just a bunch of crap.

Yep, we said it! You’ve found our blog, our online journal, the place we go when we’re full of something to say (and maybe full of other stuff as well!). Is it crap? Well, we like to think it’s good advice, a dose of smart observation, and perhaps a tip or two. Enjoy!

RV Holding Tanks: 5 Things You Need to Know

Who wants to talk about RV holding tanks? We do! There are four basic things you need to know when it comes to your RV's gray and black holding tanks. This article will help you to understand them better. For starters This is probably pretty obvious, but your RV has...

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Time to bomb your RV’s holding tanks

Many of you are familiar with bath or shower bombs -- those homemade (though you can buy them in the store too) concoctions of household ingredients that look like chalky golfballs and foam up when dropped in your tub. They smell really nice too! Well, you can make...

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