We have that same wanderlust you do.

We’re Jim and Debbie Tome from Sycamore, Illinois, though frequently roaming throughout the United States to experience all the wonders of our great country. We’re RVers just like you and love to meet and talk to new people. And like you, we were having trouble with our RV’s holding tank sensors.

The sensors weren’t reading correctly, there was a nasty odor, and sometimes the gray water even backed up into our RV. YUCK! But we met Preston Hall, the inventor of the All Pro Water Flow process, and had our RV’s holding tanks professionally cleaned. Boy, were we amazed at what had been building up for years and years and years!

Preston took the time to tell us how waste can build up over time, affecting the sensors, and causing other problems. He explained how important it is to keep the tanks filled with liquid, how often to flush them, and even how chemicals can cause tanks to gum up and become clogged. One tank cleaning procedure and we were sold!

Now, we’ve become an authorized All Pro Water Flow dealer and hope to educate other RVers on proper holding tank maintenance and care. We can’t emphasize that last point enough — even though you may not think you have problems now, it’s important to have your holding tanks professionally flushed and cleaned at least once a year.

Reach out to us and we’ll explain more and give you a FREE estimate on cleaning your black and gray holding tanks as well as your water heater tank. Our service is the only way you will get your RV’s waste tank sensors working properly again. Thanks and see you out there!

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